The Chemist Review


In The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer, we follow an ex-agent on the run from her previous employers, who have already sent several people to kill her. She used to work for a government organization so covert it doesn’t even have a name. Then, she receives a message from her former boss offering her a way out. They don’t call her “Oleander” for no reason. Our heroine has a very special set of skills and she knows how to use them. She will do anything it takes to clear her name and get the target off her back.

Don’t let hope make you stupid”

the chemist

I never thought Stephenie Meyer would be able to pull off a good adult fiction book (after The Host), but she did not disappoint. I don’t understand the bad reviews I have seen on Goodreads, maybe people were expecting another Twilight book?

The beginning is kind of slow, but I promise you it gets better. I felt it was necessary to describe the complex process our main character goes through every single day just to keep herself alive. The readers have to know why she is eventually willing to risk everything just to clear her name. Simply put, she can no longer live the way she does.

I cannot say much about the characters without ruining the plot. Remember this whole book is full of secrets, and you won’t even learn her real name for a while. The male character she falls in love with I thought was a super sweet guy. Their romance was realistic and endearing under the circumstances, like the fact they are mostly running for their lives.

The book had a lot of humor even though it was such a dark serious topic, and the interactions between characters were entertaining. Also, the dogs in this book! They are amazing! I don’t think I have ever used so many exclamation points. I wish I had dogs like that, so well trained and loyal.

Sometimes we cling to a mistake simply because it took so long to make”

the chemist

This book had a gripping plot full of twists and surprises. The action scenes had that “heist movie” feel where your heart pounds just reading it, and you can just see everything going on in your mind’s eye; while the whole time you are rooting for all these characters because it’s hard not to fall in love with them and want them to succeed. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes thrillers, and dogs 🙂

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