Bookish Bucket List

It’s Friday, and time for me to add some items to my book bucket list. A recap of last week, I added: read Moby Dick and Ana Karenina, go to London, and own the rest of Throne of Glass series.

Read the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Okay, so I realized if I don’t add these to some sort of list then I’m never going to read them. They’re not even on my TBR list anymore because I got tired of looking at them on there. First of all, the covers are terrible aren’t they? But, I did and I do love the movies, so I will make myself read these at some point. I’m sure I will feel so good after I do, like a giant weight, or maybe just 5 pounds or so, has been lifted off my shoulders.

Go to New York

New York is the setting for so many great books, including one of my favorite series The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. It’s filled with giant buildings and the possibilities of so many bookstores just waiting to take all my money.

Own all the Shatter Me books

Can you believe I don’t actually own a single one of these? I love this series, and all Tahereh Mafi books, but I just own the e-books, or I have gotten them from the Library to read. The covers are amazing and I’m sure they will look great on my shelves soon!

I can’t wait to fulfill some of these. I will sure post about it on here. Drop me a comment and let me know about some of the bookish things you want to accomplish.

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