TBR Organization

Mother’s Day #bookhaul

It all started the night before Mother’s Day. I had the perfect day planned, it included going to Barnes and Noble and then dinner with my husband and my kids. But as I was looking at my endless TBR list I decided it needed some type of system or it was going to drive me insane. What exactly did I need to look for at Barnes and Noble? With my two year old and my four year old tagging along I couldn’t exactly take a leisurely stroll around the store and browse to my heart’s content. That’s when I came up with a system.

To Buy

I made a Goodreads shelf named “To Buy.” I needed a list for the books I had yet to read but wanted to buy. The night before, I read samples of all the books on there and deleted the ones I didn’t really like. This made it so I didn’t even have to read the book at all in the store, I could just buy it with confidence. I then deleted the ones I still wanted to read but I didn’t want a hard copy of and I would be fine with an e-book.

I also put books in here that I already read but I want to buy for my bookshelves. For example, books that are part of a series I love and stand alone books that have made an impression on me and I would like to own hard copies of.


This one is pretty self explanatory. Is a list of the books I own hard copies of, I don’t count e-books.


I have been at a loss of what to do with my classics. There are some that I have read and love, and there are some that I own and have been dreading reading. So I put them all in this list.

To be Released

I made this list to keep track of any upcoming releases from my favorite authors and favorite series. It’s a way to keep track of release dates and cover reveals as well. This way I have a quick reference if I need to brush up on a series before release date, or if I need to request an ARC.

Priority One

I really needed a shelf like this. This is where I put the books I really need to read next, whether it’s for a review or an ARC an author gave me, these are the books I must read soon before I even browse anything else. I don’t always do that, sometimes I stray into other books I really want to read just for fun, but I try not to. This list definitely helps!

Re-read (Second Chance)

This is the shelf where I put the books I did not finish but would like to try again. Maybe it was the mood I was in? I will give these books one last chance before I delete them completely.

How do you all organize your TBR? Any suggestions?

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