How I Save Money on Books

Reading can become an expensive hobby. There are a few tricks that I use in order to save myself some money, and I thought I would share them with you guys. Many of these you might already be doing. But who knows, maybe I can actually help some of you?

Disclaimer: None of these websites or apps paid me in any way to advertise for them. I won’t benefit if you actually end up using any of my tips.

This Savage song audio book on Libby app
Picture form my Libby App

Overdrive and Libby

If you live somewhere with a public Library system, and have access to a smart phone or tablet in which you can download applications, these two applications have been great when it comes to saving me money. You simply download the app, connect to it with your library card, and voila you have access to all the Library books, but on your phone. They also have audio books as well. Granted, the more popular books and the new releases you have to put a “hold” on while other people are reading them. There is also a 14 day limit that the book can be checked out to you, after that it gets automatically returned whether you’re done with it or not. I read most of my e-books from here, and I’ve enjoying many of my audio books here as well.

Picture of my netgalley shelf
Picture from my Netgalley


If you don’t mind taking some time to leave a review after you’re done with a book, I would suggest signing up on the Netgalley site. You can read thousands of e-books for free, many of them are available before the release date. You have to wish for them, or request to read them, and your request doesn’t always get granted but it’s worth a try. When I started out I asked for five books, and I got approved for three out of the five.

Amazon sales

If you don’t have an Amazon account you need to make one. Once you connect it to your kindle app, or you purchase a few books and follow a few authors, Amazon will start sending you email suggestions for sales they have on books you might be interested in. Just this past month I got three books from my TBR list for only $1.99 on Amazon.

picture of my barnes and noble newsletter
Picture of my newsletter

Barnes and Noble newsletter

If you absolutely must have a real book in your hands, and I totally understand if you do, then I would suggest singing up for the Barnes and Noble newsletter. Almost every week I get a 10%, 15% or even 20% off coupon from them. They also have new release sales every week, as well as buy 2 get one free sales, which are great.


I myself have sold a few of my most expensive books on Ebay. These were books that I either did not want, or were part of an incomplete series. I sold them for a margin of the original price and they were in great condition. Sometimes you can get lucky on Ebay and find great books in amazing condition for a good price. I would suggest checking there the next time you really want to buy a real book.

Any other money saving tips I did not mention?